This is the blog of a woman artist exploring the representation of one of the most persistent of human obsession, the pussy.

Manuela's manual is an illustrated instruction manual explaining in details how to make a realistic, life size and very sensuous plaster sculpture of a vulva; a fun, easy and sexy art project for playful couples.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Smooth and bare as a pebble...

For the purpose of making a pussy casting as described in Manuela's manual, I strongly recommend that your model is fully shaved or waxed.

This is because pubic hair will not be perfectly cast and will have an adverse effect on the final sculpture. There is also a risk that long hair get trapped in the molding materials making the removal of the mold very painful. A short fuzz will glide out painlessly.

Photo: Erik Frausin

You can obviously shave yourself but many salons and spas offer the service at reasonable cost. This coquetry has in recent time become very popular.
From my personal experience I can report that the waxing procedure itself is not very pleasant and can even be painful but I do love the smooth feel and sexy look of my bare pussy.

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