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Manuela's manual is an illustrated instruction manual explaining in details how to make a realistic, life size and very sensuous plaster sculpture of a vulva; a fun, easy and sexy art project for playful couples.

Monday, January 23, 2012

My first attempt at erotic writing....

I just wanted to share one of the sexy adventures I had while working on my vulva casting project.
I am always trying to remain coldly professional during a casting session. Even between heterosexual women there is no denying that having someone exposing her bare crotch and wide open legs in front of another woman, even for the sake of "art", is always loaded with some strong sexual tension. I normally manage to defuse the situation by driving the conversation towards some mundane subjects but on this occasion things went a bit further.

Mona had been modeling for me before, for nude photos and life drawings. She was visiting our town again and contacted me saying she was available for more modeling if required. I invited her to come along for some outdoor photos, this was a beautiful summer and I just happen to work on a commissioned drawing for a customer from the west indies for which I needed some reference shots of nude women.
Mona asked me if she could come with her friend Pascale who was visiting from the UK  "She may be wanting to do some nude photos too.."

On the day I picked them up from the local town and the three of us drove to a park not far from our home and took a walk towards a fairly remote area near a small lake. This was a week day and we were almost certain not to meet anyone else and to have the place for ourselves. After a couple of hours of shooting, we all got hot and sweaty and decided to go for a swim. Not having brought any swimming togs, we all went commando and swam naked in the clear, cold water, an idyllic moment in time.

I observed the two of them frolicking in the water while I was drying myself sitting on a rock. They seemed to be very intimate with each other, touching, cuddling, hugging, laughing, kissing… I thought that they may be more than just friends… the sight of their soft breast pressing together was very intriguing, sensuous. These two beautiful young naked women, free in the great outdoor… it seemed anything was possible…

On the drive home I mentioned the pussy casting project I was working on. They got very interested and asked me for more details. I explained that my customer was a sculptor wanting plaster castings of a number of vaginas in a wide open pose to serve as reference for a larger project. I also explained that one of his requirements was that my models be blessed with large, clearly protruding labia, lippy girls.
"Well, that could be you Mona" said Pascale, to which Mona instantly retorted "and you too, darling. You are definitively more lippy than me…"
"I have seen you both and it seems that you both have a suitable anatomy…are you interested? this do not take long ?"
"Sure why not, sounds like fun…"
They had a few hours ahead of them and we decided to go to my place and cast their vulvas instead of driving straight to town. My husband was not due home until much later in the day and we could work in perfect privacy.
I was very glad of this unexpected opportunity; recruiting models for the project had not been very easy so far.

They had a glass of wine while I was setting things up. I explained the procedure in details so they knew what to expect and I did Mona first. They were both sporting a fresh brazilian and there was nothing to worry about this aspect of the process. Mona sat on the couch legs wide open and I had to touch her lips to make sure they were in an open butterfly position rather than falling as a curtain. This was a requirement of my commission. Mona had beautiful lips, stretching their wingspan in a very seductive manner. Pascale was taking pictures.
When I was done with Mona, she went for a shower. 
"your turn Pascale… "
She stepped out of her jeans, pulled her panties down, rolled her T shirt under her breast, tucked them under her bra and sat down, leaned back and opened her legs as wide as she could.
" is this OK?"
"perfect, you are beautiful Pascale"
"Thank you"
She reached down and touched her lips briefly; shuffling them, ruffling them up a bit and pulling them apart, she knew this was a requirement.
" I find this very exiting…" she whispered, as she did not want Mona to hear."  "Can you take a photo too?" I did take a photo of her very indecent pose, her legs wide open, her pussy completely exposed, smiling charmingly at the camera. "what a lovely little slut" I thought to myself. When Mona returned from her shower, she took over the camera and documented the whole procedure in images. Pascale's labia were not as spectacular as Mona's but very cute indeed.
15 minutes later the mold was finished and when I pulled it off her crotch I could clearly see a long filament of juice stretching from her pussy as I pulled the mold out. I did not comment and pretended I did not see anything. I had her to look at her mold. She looked at it with a smile. "Amazing!' 
"can you hold it next to you" said Mona "I'd like to get a shot of it next to the real thing."  Pascale obliged, spread herself again holding the mold in various position as Mona was shooting pictures.
"Gosh … are you wet?... you look all wet Pascale?" Mona said. I did notice it too, her vulva was glistening with what could only be pussy juice, she was obviously very horny but I could not bear myself to comment aloud as Mona did.
Setting the mold aside, Pascale reached down and gently touched her lips, pulling and tucking briefly
"What do you expect, I have been showing myself off wide open all that time… I am fucking horny…"
While saying this she plunged one finger deep inside, biting her lips and looking at Mona straight in the eyes.
I started to be slightly embarrassed, not knowing what to do or say. I also started to feel some itch between my legs. The situation was obviously very erotic but Pascale stood up and said that she was off to the shower.
I started cleaning everything up. Mona explained that she and Pascale had been long time but occasional bedfellows. We drank some more wine. Pascale was taking some time to come back from her shower. "I bet she is masturbating…" said Mona. "Should we go and have a peek?"  I shied away from Mona's proposal.  "Go if you want, I'll keep cleaning things up…"
Mona shushed her way towards the bathroom. I finished putting things away and 10 minutes later all was clean and the two molds were in the workshop ready to receive a batch of plaster. When I returned inside there was still no sign of them. The two girls were indeed taking their time.

I could not resist the urge to go and check on them, what could they be doing that was taking so long?  I walked silently towards the bathroom. The door was half open but I could not hear any noise of water running. They must have finished taking their shower. I slowly approached and tried to spy inside without being seen.

Mona was completely naked, standing legs wide apart, leaning back against the bathroom cabinet while Pascale, also naked, was kneeling in front of her, her head tilted up towards Mona' crotch. She was obviously giving her friend a greedy cunnilingus and Pascale was obviously enjoying it very much.
The scene was very erotic and I stood there mesmerized by what I was secretly witnessing, my heart started racing and I felt weak in the knees and empty in the stomach; a mixture of excitement and fear of being caught peeping. Mona, with her head buried between Pascale' crotch, could not see me but Pascale was almost right in front of me. I figured that I must be hiding well enough in the darkness of the corridor and kept watching without moving as not to be noticed. Pascale was holding Mona's head with her two hands and pushing it rhythmically against her crotch, she was also humping against the face friends with the same motion. Looking down to observe what Mona was doing to her, biting her lips and breathing heavily, letting soft moans escape, obviously lost in lust, completely surrendering to Mona feeding frenzy, reaching her orgasm at a fast pace. I am sorry I do not have any photos to show you but I guess that you can easily picture it.

I was still wearing my work short, loose cotton shorts I often wear when working and my hand easily found its way under the belt and a finger inside me to scoop out some juices and to start rubbing on my clit in my favorite rotating motion… the scene I was observing got me extremely wet and horny.
Mona suddenly stopped eating Pascale and stood up in front of her, spreading her own lips with one hand and rubbing herself with the other. Pascale immediately did the same and the two girls were masturbating frantically, standing in front of each other, eyes locked into each other, moaning and calling each other nasty little words of love.
In fact, we were three girls masturbating together, Pascale and Mona in front of each other and me watching them discreetly. I could also hear the sexy noises of frigged wetness, this was absolutely mesmerizing, The sight of these two naked young woman sharing such an intimate gesture, lust having pushed them both well beyond the reserves of decency, fucking themselves furiously, feeding on each other lewd gesture and completely indecent poses…  I wish I would cum quickly so that I could leave quietly and not risk being caught, I was applying as much strength and speed to my wanking as I could, sending stronger and stronger waves of pleasure through my groin, faster, faster, I could feel my cunt gaping, contracting, pulsating, my nipples hurting against the fabric of my shirt. I knew I was not far, almost to the point of no return, well on my way. I closed my eyes, leaning against the wall and sliding my back down a bit so that I could spread my legs a bit more to allow easy access, I concentrated on bringing myself off… then I heard Pascale speak…
" oh come on in… come on in… "
Oh my god, she must have spotted me and was inviting me to join them inside the bathroom. I had been caught as I feared but the wave of shame that came to my cheeks was not strong enough to subdue my excitement; I could do nothing but keep rubbing.
I plucked the courage to turn my head and to look again. I saw that Mona had changed position; she was now sitting on the toilet seat in front of Pascale, leaning against the wall, her legs wide apart, one resting one the edge of the bathtub…
"please… please come on in… this so fucking hot… come on in there and watch her"  Pascale was still rubbing at a fast pace, her large soft boobs shaking seductively with each stroke, her bum against the edge of the cabinet, her legs slightly folded , standing on the tip of her toes, her crotch pushed forward, as if trying to impale herself on an imaginary cock….perfectly indecent and completely unladylike. Where is a camera when you need one? She moved on the side, sliding against the furniture to make some room for me next to her against the cabinet and repeated again, more softly this time,
"come on, come on next to me…" looking at me with a wicked smile. I gave in and went inside.

"Loose them" Pascale ordered me,"Take your shorts off and watch this lovely slut…"

I suspect that at this stage of the story, you must be rubbing yourself too. Are you wet yet? Are you fingering your slippery little cunt? I hope so… Please keep reading.

I felt immediately at ease masturbating next to Pascale, she was taller and stronger than me and the warmth that exuded from her horny body felt reassuring, I felt welcome in a sisterhood of lust, no need for embarrassment or shame, just let yourself rool into this all female lascivious puddle of slimy pleasure. I immediately resumed my masturbation, my right arm rubbing against Pascale's left with each stroke.

"You naughty girls, this is so hot" I heard myself saying… Now, I do have a very rich a varied sexual life, thanks to a very open minded, very naughty and loving husband who is wise enough not to put his bird in a cage and has given me the courage and freedom to fully and freely explore my sexuality. I had been in many very erotic situations, I'll write them down one day if I have the time but this was a first. Three horny women who did not know each other a few hours before now completely at ease masturbating together, sharing what some may consider a very intimate activity…

"She is going to make herself squirt… aren't you little slut?... I love it so much when she does that… oh fuck…"

There was no longer a reason for them or I to be discreet and quiet, we could now be as noisy as we wanted too and and could fuck without any restraint, that was so liberating and empowering. I certainly am a noisy lover and a loud cummer. My husband made me discover the liberating effect of dirty talk. I can use some quite filthy language when very excited; it helps to push me over the edge. The bathroom was filling with the wet noise of wanking pussies and soft moans of women lost in lust. Mona was now fucking herself without any restraint, plunging two fingers inside her cunt at speed, slapping her wet flaps every time, slapping her cunt with delightfully sinful and scandalous noises that were fueling my own senses…
'oh yes… oh fuck yes…
She was looking at us two with two wide open eyes and an expression on her face that was one of pain, fear, or surprise, her mouth successively forming a big silent O and then biting her lips, hissing or, letting go loud moans and sweet words of absolute lust.
"oh shit, yes,… oh fuck its coming… oh fuck yes… "
The ever increasing speed of the slapping noise against her soaked cunt was driving me insane… this girl was lewdness in person, an incredible fuck goddess. This was so much better than any porn, this was super porno, I was about to explode, approaching the edge for the second time. But I managed to hold on again as I wanted to fully enjoy this very horny time. If you are like me, the longer you hold and the stronger the orgasm.
I was bringing myself a bit higher at every step, slowly but surely climbing the lust ladder.
I used this brief pause to take my shirt off.
I wanted to be as nude as the two of them, our three bare cunts were oozing a strong smell of sex, this was a festival of sensuality, sounds, sights and smells, dirty talk, are lewd gestures.

Rivers of shiny pussy juice were running between Mona' bum cheeks and pudding on the toilet seat.
I am not sure if words can describe faithfully what I was watching so intensely. My pleasure was building up again and this time I was unsure I could stop the wave that was rising inexorably, big, huge, and scary. My nipples were so erect it hurt. Mona let a long, low moan and plunged her fingers very hard twice and pulled them out at once, she went silent, and a powerful stream squirted out of her cunt and splashed on the bathroom tiles.

"Yeah that's it, nice one… cum for me again.."  Pascale was grunting more than talking…For me, this was the first time I witnessed a woman ejaculate so powerfully. My husband had told me about one of his fuckbuddies who squirted abundantly but I never really believed him.
Mona fucked herself again with a crisped grin on her face; she was so lovely in her ecstasy.
" … oh fuck yes… watch me … watch me … " she must be an exhibitionist who gets excited from been seen and exposing herself,
I am like this sometimes, I want no barriers and be visually consumed, completely offered to appreciative gaze, desired, seen, submitted to adoring eyes, watching cock growing at the simple sight of my slit, my wide open legs. I am yours, watch me. take me… it is so good to remove all barrier, remove all decency and spread as wide as possible after spending most of the day crossing our legs shut and keeping a ladylike posture at all time… please watch me, go on, have a good look, this my cunt, my ass, my saggy old boobs…
She pulled out again and another, stronger jet landed on the floor…

I hope you have cum already at this point… creamed in your jeans, naughty little girl, you have rubbed one out have not you?  This would be my reward, please let me know if you have masturbated reading this story and whether you have cum…

Pascale and I came almost together, her first and me before she had finished. Because we we so close to each other our arms in constant contact, we sort of adjusted our respective rhythm and wanked in sync, so speak,
I let her drive and when I could feel her speeding up, I followed her. We came together looking amorously into each other eyes shortly after Mona had started to gently finger the entrance of our two fuckholes, kneeling in front of us, one finger in each cunt.

As I was driving them back to town, I asked them whether they would like to give my husband a show one day… and perhaps fuck him too. "He is a very nice man you know, and very naughty…"
"Definitely, definitely… What do you think Mona? You'd love that wont you?"

©Manuela Lollenbeck - Januray 2012
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  1. I love erotica, and this is one of the deepest, most frank and, yes, hot that I have ever read - and, trust me, I have read plenty. I shall dream of this, or at least hope to dream. Thank you Manuela.