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Manuela's manual is an illustrated instruction manual explaining in details how to make a realistic, life size and very sensuous plaster sculpture of a vulva; a fun, easy and sexy art project for playful couples.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Are you concerned about the look of your pussy? (ter)

You may find it strange that as a woman I blog about the vagina... This is after all an object of lust for men....  
... Well, I am selling a book about pussy casting. While making this book, I had to look very closely at many vulvas and had many conversation with other women about the appearance of their genitals. It seems that too many women are not happy about the look of their pussy. As if it were not enough to worry about the width of our bum, the size of our boobs, and our overall figure, we are now having hangs up about the visual appearance of our vulva. 

I personnaly find mine rather sexy. I'll publish photos one day if I get to it or ask my husband to take some, I am sure he would love that.

In the meantime I wish women learn to love their cunt. One way to go about it is to look at other women's pussy. You may not be confortable with asking your girlfriends to show you their bare crotch. (altough it can lead to some rather sexy fun...)
Fortunately, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites publishing photos of pussies.
Vaginaoftheworld is a very interesteting tumblr site were women are invited to talk about the appearance of their vagina and to describe what they like or dislike about it. Viewers can comment.

Postings seems to be genuine enough although I am sure that there are many men lurking in this female neighborhood.

Here is a few a found rather interesting...
a lovely butterfly

Jenny has a very proheminent mons... beautiful? I think so...

I find the idea of a girl taking a picture of herself and posting it for the world to see to be very erotic. I have to do that one day... The world is well organised, men like to watch and women like to be seen...

"I’m 29 and in my early 20s i noticed that i have enormous wrinkly asymmetric pussy compared to others and have always been ashamed of it. And that guys would think why i have a gross old lady thing. I would have wanted to have sex more often… And was considering a surgery also, but i’m not sure anymore after this blog and “Perfect Vagina” doc. Tears bursted into my eyes when they just sliced her labia off…

I love mine more now. It’s for me, for few people i have sex with and its in my pants, so why would i worry myself sick about it. It’s soft, smells hot, gets very wet, although i still don’t think its pretty. I have watched a fair amount of porn and erotica, but never saw and knew that vulvas can be so different…
  Fuck, this media marketed bullshit ideal has concured the last part of anyway so fragile and confused girls. I’m going to strike back and love difference even more!"

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