This is the blog of a woman artist exploring the representation of one of the most persistent of human obsession, the pussy.

Manuela's manual is an illustrated instruction manual explaining in details how to make a realistic, life size and very sensuous plaster sculpture of a vulva; a fun, easy and sexy art project for playful couples.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Are you concerned about the look of your pussy?

After having cast so many women's genitals I can tell you that we are all different and all beautiful. I was surprised to hear so many women complaining about the look of their pussy.
Too fat, lips too long, lips uneven, too frilly, unequal, too this and too that...

One model told me that after seeing the casting of her vulva I had just done, she saw herself differently. "It makes me feel rude just looking at it" she said. "Naughty but nice."

If you want to know what men (or women) think of your pussy, simply take a picture of it and send it to me.
I would like to publish a page where people can post photos of their vagina and read comments left by vistors...  a little bit of innoccent sexy fun.

In any case, please do not subject yourself to the stupidity of vaginaplasty...

Until I have figured out how to allow people to upload their photos, please send it to me on

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