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Manuela's manual is an illustrated instruction manual explaining in details how to make a realistic, life size and very sensuous plaster sculpture of a vulva; a fun, easy and sexy art project for playful couples.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Intelligent Erotica

If like me you like reading good erotica I can only recommend that you visit The Erotic Salon.
Dr.Susana Mayer is a sex educator (how do I become one?) who is advocating sexual freedom in its many aspects. Her Erotic Salon is a fantastic resource to find intelligent erotic reading.
My husband and I discovered erotica with Nancy Friday "Secret Garden" We would read each other our favorite stories out the book and spend some very sexy times together. This allowed us to share our sexual fantasy with each other and has opened the door to a rich sexual complicity. 

After  years of reading erotica, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to sexual fantasy, deviance is the norm. I wish I could write, perhaps I'll try my hand at it in a future post.

For those of your who are wondering "when does it stop?"  or "does it ever stops?" it is reassuring to learn on The Erotic Salon that a good sex life can be enjoyed at any age. I suspect that like me, many women experience a loss of libido during menopause. It seems however that this is only temporary and that many women enjoy healthy and joyful lovemaking for the rest of their lives...

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